Allen Chartier's photos

Thousands of photos taken by Allen Chartier since 1979 have been residing on an old and mostly inactive website. Since 2012, new photos have been uploaded to a Flickr account, and these older photos are gradually being moved off the website and onto Flickr.

Click here to view the 14 "collections" folders on
Allen Chartier's Flickr Page.

To go directly to each Collection of photos, click the links below.

Bird Photos
Mammal Photos
Reptile and Amphibian Photos
Fish & Sea Life Photos
Insect Photos
Centipede & Millipede Photos
Crustacean Photos
Isopod Photos

Spiders & Relatives Photos
Mollusc Photos
Fungi Photos

Plant Photos
Places & Scenery Photos
Astronomy Photos

Many of these Collections have dozens of "Albums" and a few have hundreds, especially Birds, Insects, and Plants. Additional pages with links to more specific Albums will be added here over time. Check back often.

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